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Big Mac raping/buttsecks


This page will show you how to have sex with all the ponies, incase you are stumped :P Ya Got AIDS

The Ponies and How to Fuck them.Edit

Big Macintosh - The first pony you see when you enter sweet apple acres. Talk to him, select "Fuck Me!" and then choose "Please!" Right click on Big Mac and click "Forward.". Enjoy it, you gay bastard.

Applejack - Applejack is most likely the first pony you'll fuck. You have sex with her after you break the boudler with Magic Attack A, and then buck the apple tree she is sitting next to (Buck the tree by rapidly clicking). Repeat 5 times, she will ask you to go inside the barn, and the fun begins!

Pinkie Pie - Pinkie Pie is also an easy target for sex. Firstly, pick up the ball found right from the 1st screen, you then bring it to Sugarcube Corner and talk to Mrs. Cup Cake at the counter. She will wrap the ball up, then, go upstairs in Pinkie's room, and place the present. Wait till next morning, and you'll be set!

Vinyl Scratch/ DJ Pon-3 - When in Ponyville, you will see DJ Pon-3's house quite easily. When you try to knock on her door, she can't hear you over the loud music. What you have to do is click the middle of the record on her door, and you will find a hidden key, then you can go inside and fuck.

Fluttershy - Go to the right of the screen and follow a windy path to a house, the light will be on and when you peek in, you say, "Is that Fluttershy?" you watch her fuck Angel Bunny then you guys start talking. You have to choose specific options to make her have sex with you. Talk to her in this order : "Why?", "Cheer Up!", "Let's Fuck!", "Want it? :P"

Twilight Sparkle - Go straight forward into Ponyville, and keep going straight, you will find a giant tree/Twilight's house. You knock on her door, she will be curious about the "Magic Field" around your body. Say "Sure!" and you will go inside, she starts to look for a book. She calls for Spike, who doesn't come. She sets you out to find him (Make sure to read the book right of her, you need it for later! ) If you are a Pegasus, fly up to a window atop her tree and talk to Spike. He wants to leave Twilight. You guys team up, if you get him a train ticket, and he'll open up Twilight's window at night. Buck alot of trees, go to the train station, right of Fruit Punches house, buy a ticket, and go back to Spike. He will thank you, and says "Come back tonight for your prize!" . Come at night to the same window and have sex with Twilight!

Rainbow Dash - You must be a pegasus to pull this off! On the main screen with Trixie, fly up, you will find Rainbow Dash sleeping in a cloud, next to a race track. Talk to Raindow Dash and request a race. She makes a deal that the loser become the winners slave! Agree to the deal and begin to race. You click on the screen to dodge clouds in your way. If you get hit 4 times, you're out! She makes you clean until night. But if you win, you get to have sex with her. Whatever, if you really want to see sex/rape with Raindow Dash, just go to Bullshit mode :P

Trixie - Wait until night, on the first screen of the game. Trixie will be sleeping,  equip Shield Breaker A and get rid of her shield, but before you start, equip Shield Breaker B(You get it by eating a muffin from Sugarcube Corner), then have sex. If you want more fun, the next night, rape Trixie! Equip Shield Breaker B and you'll be set!

Queen Chrysalis - Enter the Everfree Forest and go right x2, left x2, right x2, left x2 and right x1. You will find Zecora's hut. Go inside and she'll give you a helping of her potion, which paralyzes you. Turns out that she is Queen Chrysalis in disguise! She'll proceed to have sex with you. However, when she's done she'll launch you out of a catapult, resulting in a game over. According to the game over message, you'll be able to save yourself in v1.5.

Happy Fucking!

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